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FACT – automobile accidents are the leading cause of infant deaths from the U.S. yet a number of these deaths might have been averted. FACT – by employing the most appropriate car seat for your age and size of a young child, the amount of deaths could be cut by half an hour. So, if you’re considering buying a suitable chair for a growing kid and have determined on a convertible kind, then choosing the best convertible car seat is most likely among the most important decisions you’ll ever make.

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All car seats have to meet government standards but, having said that, not all chairs are equal when it comes to the protection which they offer. You simply can’t compromise on the safety of a kid so that you have to go for the chair that offers the greatest degree of protection.

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It is quite straightforward, you should purchase the safest convertible car seat which you are able. But how do you determine which among the broad range of seats available on the industry is the safest. Possibly the easiest way to answer this question is to state, select among range offered by the manufacturer that’s often voted best in car seat safety inspections and that has to be Britax.

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It is not the aim of this guide to promote any individual model as the last choice has to be made with the parent, dependent on their unique circumstances. But, it is very important to point to many important safety features, incorporated in the Britax range of convertible seats that give the highest level of security in the case of an crash.

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A) One of the major causes of child deaths is the effect between the child’s head and the front seat. Consequently Britax have gone on a mission to increase head protection. By way of instance, forward movement is countered by lowering your youngster’s center of gravity and incorporated steel bars strengthen the connection to the automobile so reducing forward flexing of the child chair, during a crash.

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B ) To reduce harm in the event of a side impact, extra padding in the shape of side cushions compress to absorb the incoming crash forces, so protecting the kid’s head in addition to neck and chest.

C ) It’s amazing to report that it is estimated that eight out of ten chairs are not properly fitted and this greatly increases the probability of injury. So, Britax chairs are specifically intended to be easy to install and all harnesses and tethers easily fastened and adjusted.

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These are merely a few of the special characteristics that have helped to ensure the Britax is the undisputed leader in child car seat safety. Therefore, if you are currently on the point of determining where you must head to get that all important safest convertible car seat, then hopefully this article has given you a good place to get started.

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